Clean water. 60% of Delaware’s population gets their water from wells. 32% of the homes in the Indian River Watershed tested in 2003 were above safe drinking water limits due to past farming practices. There needs to be a State and County effort focused on safe drinking water. I propose developing a program to provide in-home treatment systems for residents with private wells.

Flooding. According to Delaware’s vulnerability assessment, between 8% – 11% of Delaware could be underwater by 2100. Four fifths of these potentially inundated areas are located in Sussex. When an area is inundated with water it impacts roads, bridges, residential homes, septic systems, groundwater and surface water.


Local communities are the backbone of the County and the State’s economy and their economic growth depends on how well the transportation network efficiently moves goods and people. Tourism is an economic driver for Sussex and the State. Unfortunately there was a disconnect in promoting the Eastern part of the County as a vacation destination and having the foresight to handle the overflow of traffic. I would work with Del DOT to explore best practices to handle the traffic flow and safety issues. I would support transportation improvement districts. TIDs provide a way to distribute the cost of development-related growth and infrastructure improvements to the private sector that benefits from the facilities rather than burdening the public with the costs.